Indoor Walkers

Indoor Walkers

When it comes to the world of walkers, you will be met with a lot of choices. Many walkers are designed for both indoor and outdoor use and thinking carefully about where yours will be used will be crucial in deciding the model for you. Indoors walkers for seniors are often narrower in their design, and this means that they can be manoeuvred indoors more easily, particularly as there tend to be tighter spaces to navigate inside the home. Read more

Indoor Walkers Are Designed For Seniors

At Mobility and Wellness, we help you to find the right mobility aids for you, and if you would like any support in choosing your walkers that are specially designed for seniors, please get in touch with us, and our friendly team will be more than happy to help you.

Why Choose an Indoor Walker?

Indoor walkers can help those who struggle with their mobility but want to maintain their independence. They can help you as you move around the home and give you the support and stability that you might require.

Before you choose your indoor walker, you should make sure that you have measured your doors and any tight spaces that you may need to get through to ensure that you choose a walker that will fit.

Indoor Walkers Come With Either Rubber Feet or Wheels or Both

When choosing an indoor walker, consider whether you want a walking frame with feet or a wheeled walker. A walking frame can offer you more stability than a wheeled walker, but you need to bear in mind that it needs to be lifted as you move. Therefore, if you do not have the strength in your arms to lift it, it might not be the best option for you.

Indoor Walkers are Versatile

A wheeled walker is pushed along in front of you. If you are choosing a wheeled walker for indoor use. They are easier to move, and they take up less space than a rollator. They are useful if you are going to stay with relatives. Indoor walkers for seniors are also lightweight because their frame is made from aluminiuam or carbon fibre.

Choose Mobility and Wellness for Your Indoor Walker

At Mobility and Wellness, we want to help you to live your best life by providing you with the equipment you need. As part of this, we offer our 14-days in-home trial with a 100% money-back guarantee. If you find that your indoor walker is not right for you, you can return it to us for a refund. To qualify for this, your walker needs to be in perfect condition, so please make sure you try it on a clean surface so it does not become damaged in any way.

We have huge range of mobility aids including mobility scooters, three wheel walkers with a seat and a comprehensive range of walkers for sale.

As specialists in mobility aids, we can provide you with the walker you need to get around independently. Browse through our walkers today and find one that is right for you. Read Less

  • Aspire Vogue Indoor Walker With Tray

    Free Shipping
    • Ergonomic ‘Soft Touch’ Lockable Braking System

    • Slimline Fold

    • On-Cart Dining (See Images)

    • Removable Tray – 5kg Weight Limit

    • Carry/Storage Bag – 5kg Weight Limit

    • Max User Weight 110kg

    • Height Adjustable 86cm to 97cm

    • Unit Weight 5.1cm

    • 6″ Wheels

    • Free Walking Stick Holder Attachment

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

  • Aspire Push Down Seat Walker

    Free Shipping
    • Rustproof, Robust Aluminium Frame

    • Weight Activated Brakes, Great for Arthritis

    • Adjustable Handle Height

    • Padded Seat with Carry Bag Below

    • Easy Folding Design

    • 7 inch Puncture Proof Wheels

    • Max User Weight of 130kg

    • 1 Year Warranty

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The Aspire Push Down Seat Walker has many fantastic features! With a push down braking system, it is a great option if you suffer from arthritis as you don’t need to grip hard on hand brakes. With its large padded seat and padded backrest you can comfortably sit and rest when you need to.

  • Redgum Seat Walker Tray Table Attachment

    Free Shipping
    • ABS Reinforced Tray with Stainless Steel Fitting

    • One Piece Bracket for Easy Fitment

    • Strong Lightweight Construction

    • Can be easily adjusted to suit most seat walkers

    • Easy Assembly (Phillips head screwdriver only)

    • Seat Walker Folds with Tray Table Fitted

    • Easy Remove Function if Required

    • Easy Clean Design

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The Redgum Seat Walker Tray Table is a perfect accessory for the Redgum Soft Brake Seat Walker. However, it has been designed to fit most types of Seat Walkers. As well as being very strong and lightweight, the tray is ABS reinforced with stainless steel.

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