PE Care Walking Stick Holder

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Mobility and Wellness stock spare parts for the PE Care Range and many other brands. Whether its a replacement ferrule tip for your walking stick, or replacement underarm pads for your crutches, mobility scooter parts and batteries, we have you covered.

Be sure to check the Specification tab for sizing and measurements to ensure your replacement will be suitable or contact our friendly staff for further help.

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  • PE Care Walking Stick Holder

    • Falls Prevention Device

    • Easy to attach

    • Prevents Dropping / Losing your Cane

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The Walking Stick Cane Holder is an accessory you attach to your walker / rollator or wheelchair. The attachment is perfect for holding your walking stick or umbrella or any other item with a pole under 1 inch in diameter. It consists of a base or cup at the bottom, and a clip at the top to secure you walking stick in place.

    Product back in stock July 15th, backorder now for end of July delivery – Simply purchase as normal and we’ll notify when dispatched

  • PE Care 6inch & 8inch Walker / Rollator Wheels

    • 6inch & 8inch replacement wheels

    • Sold in Pairs

    • Easy to Replace

    • To Fit All PE Care Walkers & Rollators

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    Replacement 6 inch and 8 inch Walker / Rollator Nylon wheels. These are sold in pairs and fit all PE Care products. Other brands can be checked for fitting.

  • PE Care Crutch Accessories Combo

    $39.90 $34.90
    • Made From Durable Rubber

    • Easy To Replace

    • Essential To Maintaining Crutches

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The crutch accessories combo is essential for replacing worn or old crutch parts. The 22mm rubber ferrules, hand grips and underarm pads over time will wear. Through continual they will eventually need replacing to keep the crutches both safe, comfortable and clean.

  • PE Care Commode Bucket with Lid

    • Spare / Replacement Commode Bucket

    • Grooved Handle

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Commode Bucket with Lid is a great option to have as a replacement or just to have as a spare. Made from durable plastic, it is easy to clean. The bucket has a handle with finger alcoves to support the weight of the buckets contents. It also comes complete with a lid to discretely hide the contents of the bucket when it has been used.

  • PE Care 22mm Crutch Tips – Pair

    • Hard Rubber Compound

    • Inner Metal Ring Lengthens Tip Life

    • Replaceable Tip Available

    • Suits Most Round Crutch Poles

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The 22mm Crutch Tip Ferrules are designed for crutches with a round pole from 23mm to 26mm in diameter. Being rubber, they are quite pliable to fit over a large pole diameter. Coming in grey only, and delivered in pairs. They consist of a metal washer on the inside of the pole stuck onto the rubber to stop wearing from the pole itself.

  • PE Care Walking Stick Ferrules – Pair 19mm

    • Inner Metal Ring Lengthens Tip Life

    • Designed For An Even Wear

    • Replaceable Tips Available

    • Suits Most Aluminium Walking Sticks

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    Walking stick ferrules are essential when using a walking stick or cane. They consist of a rubber material hardened to reduce impact and to keep grip for the user on the ground. The 19mm tip will fit onto most standard aluminium walking sticks as most cane poles are 20-22mm in diameter. We sell them in both brown and black to suit most walking stick generic colours.

  • Ergonomic Palm Grip Walking Stick Attachment

    • Ergonomic Handle

    • Durable Plastic Design

    • Fits Most 22mm Cane Poles

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Palm Grip attachment also known as an ergonomic attachment is designed for comfort and support. The hand grip will mould to fit into your palm and support the hand you require to use the walking stick. When choosing the cane you must choose left or right in the options as they are specific to the side you will be using.


  • 28 mm Shower Chair Rubber Tips / Ferrules – Pack of 4

    • 28 mm Shower Chair Ferrule / Tip

    • Fits Most Shower Chairs

    • Pole Diameter of 27 mm to 29 mm

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    These Rubber tips /Ferrules Come in packets of 4 to replace old or worn tips on your shower chair. Replacing them is easy by wriggling the ferrules of and pushing your new ones on.

  • PE Care Walking Frame Zimmer Wheels

    • Suitable for PE Care Side Folding Walking Frame

    • Height Adjustable

    • 6 inch Nylon Wheels

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Walking Frame Zimmer Wheels are a great addition to your walking aid. The Zimmer Wheels assist you to have a smoother walk when in place of the stoppers on the front. You can also change the wheels and stoppers for Glide Skis if you feel that the wheels might make you move too fast.

  • PE Care Walking Stick Strap – Black Brown

    • Prevents Dropping Your Cane

    • Falls Prevention

    • Strong Woven Material

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Walking Stick Strap is a must have accessory on any style of walking stick. The strap attaches to the pole just under the handle and the user slips it around their wrist. If the walking stick is then dropped the strap around your wrist prevents the cane from hitting the ground and the user can continue on their way.

  • Walker / Rollator Height Adjustment Replacement Knobs

    • Replacement Knobs

    • To Fit PE Care Walkers & Rollators

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Height Adjustment Replacement Knobs are a handy option to keep as a spare. They will fit all of the PE Care mobility walkers / rollators and come in pairs. Adjustment knobs will over time wear away and you will find they wont tighten as tight as they used to. So, when purchasing a PE Care Walker or Rollator, you can feel comfort knowing that the knobs are easily replaceable.

  • PE Care Walking Frame Glide Skis

    $25.00 $19.99
    • Made From Durable Plastic

    • Metal Bottom Insert

    • Appropriate For Indoors and Outdoors

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Walking Frame Glide Skis are made to fit to the bottom of your walking frame, offering a smooth glide over different surfaces both indoors and outdoors. Glide skis can be used with wheels or without on your walking frame and are very easy to attach. They are made from a high-density plastic and fit most manufactures walking frames that have a 22mm aluminium pole base.

  • PE Care Walker / Rollator Grips

    • Come in a Pair of Left and Right

    • Soft Ergonomic Grip

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Walker / Rollator Grips – Left Right are ergonomic replacement grips that will fit most brands and models of walker and rollators. These grips are 12cm long and with an internal diameter of 21mm.