Bed And Chair Furniture Raisers – 4 Blocks

Bed And Chair Furniture Raisers – 4 Blocks


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  • Lift and Raise Your Furniture

  • Reduce Bending and Twisting

  • Lightweight, Strong and Durable Heavy Duty Plastic

  • Free Delivery Australia Wide

Furniture Lifters / Raisers are designed to help you raise up your bed or your chair to make them easier to access.

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Bed and Chair Furniture Raisers are a great daily living aid for raising your bed or arm chair. These lifters are great if you have just had leg or hip surgery, as you can raise your bed higher to prevent having to bend so far to get into bed. Or maybe your balance isn’t what it used to be, and you need to raise your armchair higher to make sitting and standing a little easier.

The Furniture Lifters are made of durable heavy duty hard plastic. You can also stack them making them a very versatile product enabling you to lift your furniture to the height you desire. Each Lifter is 4 cm high. They have an inner inbuilt circle 6.5 cm in diameter for the leg or foot of your chair / bed to sit in. Being inside the Lifter, this will prevent your furniture from moving while on the Raiser. 

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