PE Care Ergonomic Forearm Crutches

PE Care Ergonomic Forearm Crutches

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  • Height Adjustable To Suit Most Users

  • Easy Push Button Adjustment

  • Contoured Comfortable Grips

  • Solid Aluminium Construction

  • Free Delivery Australia Wide

The PE Care Ergonomic Forearm Crutches commonly known as anatomical elbow crutches are designed to reduce the pressure on the fingers and palm by providing a contoured grip for the hand to be placed on. Coming in pairs they are anatomically designed specifically for the left and right hand and cannot be used on the opposing side. This gives the user extra support and comfort where they need it most. Pressure on certain parts of the hand can impact negatively with long term use so these crutches are a welcome change from the standard underarm crutches.

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The Ergonomic Forearm Crutches are available in 3 different sizes, all being height adjustable. The difficulty of using forearm crutches is made easier with our PE Care Ergonomic Forearm Crutches special featured hand grip. Allowing more stability, your hand is sitting on top of the crutch which makes it easier. This grip design increases contact to the whole of your hand. The forearm cuff is adjustable as well making it easy to customise these crutches for full comfort ability. Underarm crutches can become painful on your underarm area when using for a length of time, these ergonomic forearm crutches will move the pressure away from that area.

These crutches are lightweight and user friendly. They range in height adjustments to suit a person anywhere from 4 feet 6 (137cms) to the large size reaching a user of 6 feet 6 (198cms)  making them ideal for most people. The rubber ferrule also gives extra support and grip to the ground surface. The solid handles are strong enough to hold a person weighing up to approximately 100kgs.



Height Adjustments:


Hand Grip Adjustment – 62 cm – 86 cm                

Cuff Length – 22cm – 30cm                     

User Height – 137cm – 157cm (4 Feet 6 – 5 Feet 2)           


Hand Grip Adjustment – 66cm – 89cm              

Cuff Length – 28cm – 36cm                    

User Height – 156cm – 175cm (5 Feet 1 – 5 Feet 9)


Hand Grip Adjustment – 78cm – 100cm            

Cuff Length – 28cm – 36cm                     

User Height – 176cm – 198cm (5 Feet 10 – 6 Feet 6)      

Weight Capacity – 100 kgs


Pole – Aluminium

Handle – Plastic

Cuff – Plastic

Tip – Rubber