Glow In The Dark Tape

Glow In The Dark Tape

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  • Glows For More Than 100 Hours

  • Available In 20mm and 25mm Widths

  • 3 Meter and 10 Meter Lengths

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The Glow in the Dark Tape comes in two different sizes and both being in rolls of 10m. It is a high-quality self-adhesive tape that glows in the dark for your convenience. It is great for those who are vision impaired or sufferers of dementia as it helps with orientation around the home on staircases finding light switches in the dark the list is endless but one thing is certain you will wonder how you got on without it once you put it in place. It is designed to glow for more than 100 hours after it gets dark, recharging when exposed to overhead or natural lighting for a long-lasting effect.


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The Glow in the Dark Tape is an incredibly high-quality product, self-adhesive and useful to place on items which you would like to keep track of when it is dark. For those who are vision impaired or suffer from dementia, this product will help improve with their orientation around the home. It glows in the dark, being manufactured with luminescent substances which are designed to be visible for more than 100 hours after it gets dark. It is not only great for night time but also great for those who don’t have a lot of light in some areas of the home due to lack of windows.

It recharges from exposure to either overhead or natural lighting. This makes it a very durable product, being sure to last you a long time. The Glow in the Dark tape is perfect for illuminating stairs, hand rails, doorways, light switches and many other areas that will help with orientation around the home.

This tape sticks best to smooth, hard non-porous surfaces in drier areas and will hold best indoors. It is self-adhesive, being versatile in its ability to be cut to size.

It is available in two different widths, 20mm and 25mm . Both come in 10-metre rolls, providing you with plenty of tape for a wide variety of needs around the home.

The Glow in the Dark Tape is a purchase to order product which means it is non-refundable. The only exception for refund is if it somehow faulty and is covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.


Widths-   20mm and 25mm

Lengths-  3m and 10m

Lasts up to 100 hours after dark


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