Hot & Cold Therapy Pack – Wrist

Hot & Cold Therapy Pack – Wrist

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  • Australian Made

  • Hot And Cold Treatments

  • Hypo-Allergenic Made From Natural Lupin Seeds

  • Easy And Comfortable To Use

  • High Thermal Capacity

  • 100% Cotton And Hand Washable 

  • Designed By Health Care Professionals

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The Hot & Cold Therapy Pack – Wrist Therapack is designed to closely fit the wrist, and administer heat or cold therapy efficiently in that area of the body. The heated wrist packs can be used to prevent or ease wrist pain caused by]activity on the computer keyboard. Children sometimes complain of cold fingers while playing computer games, this is caused by poor circulation, which can be improved by the use of the heated wrist packs.
The Wrist Pack relieves sports injuries, brings local pain relief and inflammation, eases joint pain, repetitive sprains, arthritis and tennis elbow.
They are Australian made and made from 100% cotton that is also hand washable. These Therapacks contain natural Australian lupin seeds. Lupin seeds are odourless, pest-resistant, mould-resistant, allergy friendly and, unlike hot water bottles or gels, they are safe in the event of spills. With Australia having one of the highest levels of allergy related diseases such as asthma, they are Hypo-allergenic, as all natural is the focus of this design.
They are easy and comfortable to use and feature a High thermal capacity.
These heat packs can be effective for both hot and cold treatments by either placing the pack in the oven, microwave or chilled in a freezer. 
Therapacks have been developed by healthcare professionals and are the result of years of practical experience. 


Material: 100% Cotton And Hand Washable

Code – T115

Directions For Use

1. Preparation

Cold Treatment

For immediate treatment of sprains, swelling, minor burns, headache and migraines.


Seal the pack into a plastic bag and place it in the freezer for the time recommended on the pack.

Heat Treatment Microwave

For lower back pain, stomach ache, labour pain, cramps, arthritis, etc.

Heat the pack in a turntable microwave set to High for the time recommended on the pack. As a safety measure, always place a glass of water in the microwave to reduce the risk of the pack overheating.

Heat Treatment Oven

Insert the pack into an oven-safe bag. Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Celsius. Lower the temperature to 50 degrees Celsius. Place the bag in the oven for the time recommended on the pack. Check the pack at 5, 10 and 15 minutes to obtain the desired temperature.

2. Application

Place the pack over the affected area and keep it in place for approximately 20 minutes. Repeat the application as necessary every half hour.

3. Useage Care

  • Read and follow the directions for use on the pack.
  • Do not overheat.
  • Do not apply to impaired-sensation skin.
  • Do not reheat until the pack has returned to room temperature or reduce heating time by half.
  • If pain persists, consult your doctor.