Homecraft Leg Lifter

Homecraft Leg Lifter


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  • For Those With A Stiff Or Immobile Leg

  • Helps With Leg Rehabilitation

  • Increases Blood Flow

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The Homecraft Leg Lifter is ideal for those who may have issues with leg movement, or even have an immobile leg. It is a durable product, made from a reinforced webbing strap, with one smaller loop on one end, and a slightly larger loop at the other end. It is an easy to use product, and is great for lifting your leg onto furniture, or into a car.


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The Homecraft Leg Lifter is a necessity for those who may have an immobile leg, or have an injury which is preventing movement. This product enables you to keep the blood flowing and muscles moving. It will assist you with lifting your leg onto a bed or a leg-rest, or getting into and out of a vehicle. There is no limit on the uses for a leg lifter.

It is a great mobility aid if you any type of leg injury, recovering from a knee or hip replacement or arthritis in a lower limb. Using the leg lifter will release the strain on your leg.

The Homecraft Leg Lifter is made of a reinforced webbing strap. With a smaller softer loop at one end, and a firmer slightly larger loop on the opposite end. Being made up of very durable materials ensures this mobility aid has a long lifespan.

To use, you simply put the smaller softer loop over your wrist or hold it with your hand. You place the larger and firmer loop over your foot. Your leg will then be lifted easily when the strap is pulled with no strain.


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