PE Care Male Female Urine Bottle – White

PE Care Male Female Urine Bottle – White

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  • Light and Portable 

  • Transparent When Filling

  • Handle and Flat Base

  • Male and Female Available 

  • Great for Travelling and Camping

  • Free Delivery Australia Wide

The Transparent Urine Bottle is primarily used in the bedroom for people who are confined to a bed or after surgery to enable them to urinate without leaving the bed. Commonly used for people on long haul drives as well to reduce stopping breaks. They hold one litre of fluid that can easily be seen to prevent overflow. 

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The PE Care Male Female Urine Bottle is a transparent white colour and comes in both male and female designs. It has a versatile design making it easy to use. A urine bottle is a fantastic option if you are confined to a bed, or find it hard to quickly move to the toilet. You can use it in the lying down position, sitting or even standing up.

While the female design doesn’t come with a lid due to the shape of a ladies body, the male version comes with a snap on lid to prevent spilling when moving it to empty it; or you may not be in the position to empty it right away. Both style bottles hold up to 1 litre of fluid. Each style also has a flat base. This prevents the bottle from falling over when it is full and helps you to stabilise the bottle. Being able to stand on its end means you can put it down when you need to.

Another handy feature of the Male Female Urine Bottle is its handle on the top section of the bottle. This helps to position the Urine Bottle to exactly where it needs to be and hold it there keeping your hands out of the way. The white transparent colour will help you or your carer to see how full the bottle is. This helps to prevent spilling and overflow.

These are good quality, light and portable. This makes them not only perfect for hospital use, but excellent for travelling, camping or to take on long drives in case of an emergency. These can also be used for the purpose of vomit too.  

Being made out of hard durable plastic, the Urine Bottle is very easy to keep clean. All you need is some hot soapy water and leave it upside down to drain.

Customer Reviews

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Female Urine Bottle

As advertised. Quick delivery

Simple but oh so useful

Recently having an inflammatory flare meaning I can’t get to the loo in time and getting up and down off it is agony. This bottle makes things so easy. Has saved me multiple accidents already and is lightweight, simple and easy to use and easy to keep clean. My new best friend.

Convenient aid for everyone

Your female urinal bottle is most helpful because I've been confined to bed rest due to an illness. But its usefulness is not just for the infirm but for anyone, including the elderly, who doesn't quite have the energy to make several trips to the bathroom at night. It's also useful for those who may be caught short while in a car with no prospect of a public lavatory in sight.
Inexpensive and great value for money. Highly recommended.

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