PE Care Vinyl High Density Memory Foam Cushion 41x41x7cm

PE Care Vinyl High Density Memory Foam Cushion 41x41x7cm

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  • Pressure Reducing Memory Foam 

  • Removable Waterproof Vinyl Cover 

  • Will alleviate and reduce back pain 

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The PE Care High Density 41cm 41cm x 7cm Memory Foam Cushion works it’s magic by contouring to each individual to fit their unique requirements. This contouring along with the thick layer of cushioning assists in alleviating muscle tension, cramping, discomfort and pressure. This cushion has a specific design to be used mainly for Wheelchairs, having straps to attach around the chair to eliminate slipping or falling. It can also be used to eliminate seating discomfort in any case that requires you to sit for a long period of time.

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The PE Care Vinyl High Density Memory Foam Cushion is 41cm long x 41cm wide x 7cm thick. It is a perfect option if you need a High Density memory foam wheelchair cushion.

This Memory Foam Wheelchair Cushion is made of high quality memory foam. Its outer vinyl cover being strong and durable. You can also remove and wash the vinyl cover for added convenience.

Memory Foam cushions have a unique design to alleviate your pain and discomfort when you have to sit down for lengths of time. The specific design of this cushion also assists it in contouring to your shape, making it even more comfortable.

You can use the strap attachment beneath you or around a wheelchair or base of a chair to prevent the cushion slipping. This Wheelchair Cushion is portable and lightweight making it very convenient. You can take it with you to use in the car to the office, or your armchair to your wheelchair. The Memory Foam Cushion will assist with pains in your back, or anywhere you start to feel pressure after sitting for a length of time.



Width – 41cm 

Length – 41cm 

Thickness – 7cm 

Cover Colour – Black 


Foam – High Density Moulded Foam 

Cover – Vinyl


Model- 0004

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