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PE Care Swan Handle Walking Stick

  • Swan Handle Walking Stick Head
  • Swan Handle Walking Stick Height Adjustable
  • Swan Handle Walking Stick Bottom

PE Care Swan Handle Walking Stick

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The PE Care Bronze Swan Handle Walking Stick is designed to be balanced so that the users central weight is directly over the pole. They are a unique style of cane and recommended for those who have good control over their hands, grip and wrists. Included is a walking stick strap and soft foam rubber grip.

The PE Care Swan Handle Walking Stick can also be known as a swan neck walking stick. It has a balanced design for people with confidence and hand strength. This Walking Stick also comes complete with the PE Care Walking Stick Strap which will prevent you from dropping and scratching your walking stick. You can also replace the Ferrule or Tip of the Walking stick should it become worn away or dented over time.

The Swan Handle Walking Stick is available in a bronze light weight aluminium. The handle shape is what makes this Walking Cane stand out from the rest. It is a little more unique than your every day T Handle shape design. This shape handle makes this walking stick very comfortable to hold with its soft foam grip being soft on the palm of your hand. The colour of the grip foam matches the bronze colour of the pole perfectly.

You can adjust the height of the Walking Stick using the easy push button system. The PE Care Swan Handle Walking Sticks height should always be set to wrist level when your arm is pointing straight down by your side. This cane adjusts height to a maximum of 100 centimetres to suit as tall as 6 foot 3. This will depend the length of your arm. 

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