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PE Care Walking Stick Strap – Black Brown

  • PE Care Walking Stick Strap Black

PE Care Walking Stick Strap – Black Brown

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The PE Care Walking Stick Strap is a must have accessory on any style of walking stick. The strap attaches to the pole just under the handle and the user slips it around their wrist. If the walking stick is then dropped the strap around your wrist prevents the cane from hitting the ground and the user can continue on their way.

The PE Care Walking Stick Straps come in 2 colours. Black and brown will match with any colour walking stick you have. It is the must have accessory as it helps you to let go of your stick but still have it attached to you. The straps are made up of strong woven material and are nearly impossible to break!

Attaching your strap to your walking stick or cane is easy! You just remove the rubber tip at the end of the cane, and slide the elastic smaller loop up the pole. Push your rubber tip back on and position the strap just under the handle. This way the long loop is close to your hand to loop around your wrist. The overall length of the strap is 14cms, and the loop for your hand is 8.5cms.



Overall Length - 14cm

Wrist Loop Length - 8.5cm


Six Month Warranty from Date of Purchase


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