Shear Comfort Classic Short Slipper Boot

Shear Comfort Classic Short Slipper Boot

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  • Full Protection – Can Be Worn In Bed And Indoors

  • Comfortably Protects The Whole Foot 

  • Velcro Straps Making Them Easy To Put On And Adjust If Required

  • Machine Washable

  • Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL And XXL

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The Shear Classic Comfort Short Slipper Boot has been designed to provide full foot protection, ideal for using in bed and indoors.

The velcro hook and loop strap on the heel and top of the foot,  provides a comforting and accommodating fit allowing a simple adjustment throughout the day to accommodate any discomfort or swelling. This boot also features a tongue flap down the length of the upper part of the boot allowing it the boots to easily put on and adjust easily anytime if required.

The Shear Classic Comfort Short Slipper Boot has an ability to mould to the foot, and can be comfortably worn in bed. The boot design ensures that the bony prominences of the ankle are fully protected as well as the foot surfaces and heel, ensuring comfort and protection when worn in bed, or with your feet up.

Made with natural properties of fabric-backed medical sheepskin wool, unique to Shear Comfort, ensures that comfort and protection is provided to the foot. The moisture dissipation qualities of the wool ensure any perspiration is effectively wicked away from the skin.

All Shear Comfort products are machine washable and are guaranteed against deterioration for up to 50 washes. Available in Blue Or Green in sizes XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL right through to XXL – size guide featured below.

Sizing Guide


Sizes: XXS, XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL

Material: XD1900 Fabric-Backed Medical Sheepskin


XXS – SBSBXXS – 002367

XS – SBSBXS – 002374

S – SBSBS – 002381

M – SBSBM – 002398

L – SBSBL – 002404

XL – SBSBXL – 002411

XXL – SBSBXXL – 002428 

Washing Instructions

Shear Comfort is as easy to care for as your regular clothes.

All Shear Comfort sheepskins have the ability to be washed at 80° C, effectively killing bacteria without shrinkage. Our sheepskins are warrantied against being washed 50 times at this temperature without any detrimental effects to the item. For best use we recommend using Shear Comfort Wool Care Shampoo with conditioner.

Drying instructions

Shear Comfort products may be tumble-dried warm, without exceeding 60° C. To air-dry Shear Comfort overlays, hang fleece-side down and away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

To air-dry Shear Comfort footwear or targetted protectors, release all fastenings and place fleece-side down on a drying rack and away from direct sunlight or heat sources.

Do not iron

Do not bleach

Specific Washing instructions

As our Shear Comfort Original items are backed with natural sheepskin, they require a slightly different washing technique from the XD1900, which is backed with fabric.

Please follow the washing instructions for your chosen item. 

Shear Comfort Natural Sheepskin

It is recommended that Shear Comfort natural sheepskin items are washed with the Shear Comfort Wool Care Shampoo with conditioner, which contains antibacterial tea tree oil and is effective against dust mites. If an alternative is used, it must be a non-ionic liquid detergent which has no enzymes, phosphates, peroxides, alkali or bleach.

Domestic washing instructions

On a gentle cycle, wash your Shear Comfort product with approximately 20ml of Shear Comfort shampoo or approved detergent. Water must not exceed 80°C. 

Industrial Washing instructions

Wash on a gentle cycle wash for approximately 10 minutes in hot water up to 60°C using Shear Comfort shampoo or approved detergent. 
Rinse for approximately 3 minutes in warm water at approximately 35°C
Wash on gentle cycle without detergent for approximately 8 minutes in water up to 80°C for thermal disinfection. 
Rinse for approximately 3 minutes in cool water. 

Shear Comfort XD1900

Shear Comfort XD1900 does not require special shampoo, and can be washed with normal household detergent up to a temperature of 80°C, although you can use Shear Comfort Wool Care Shampoo to condition the wool and utilise the fungicidal and mitricidal properties of the shampoo. 

XD1900 products can be laundered in the same way as Shear Comfort Natural sheepskins.


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