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Valui Insert Pads 2100ml – 3900ml – 3 Pack

  • Valui Insert Pads Incontinece Aid Value Pack

Valui Insert Pads 2100ml – 3900ml – 3 Pack

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The Valui Insert Pads will provide you with optimal comfort, security and an increased sense of reliability. These are a disposable Pad or underwear Liner for inside underwear or net pants. Being smaller than the Valui briefs and pants, these inserts are specially designed to still be super effective and extra absorbent whilst offering a high level of comfort.

The non-woven top sheet, as well as the water locking SAP feature, means the Valui Insert Pad will draw moisture away from the top of the insert. This will keep you extra dry and therefore more comfortable. They also contain deodorising ingredients which help to eliminate odours for better piece of mind.

The large inserts have a special 8-shape design which not only assists fitting them inside your net liner or underwear, but also ensures they are not visible.

The small inserts have a ‘special release tape’ feature. This feature is designed to help prevent movement of the pad while you are moving around. This tape ensures the Insert Pad doesn’t move and will stick to the inside of your underwear. This will help you to feel more secure knowing that the pad will not leak.

The standing gathers either side of the liner is another great feature of this Incontinence Pad. It will assist in preventing leakage, and offers individuals greater sense of security. This will provide increased reliability which other incontinence pad inserts can lack.


Size Absorbency Size Pieces Per Pack
Mini 400ml 30cm x 12cm 84 pieces
Small 800ml 45cm x 21cm 84 pieces
Light 1500ml 54cm x 27cm 48 pieces
Normal 2100ml 59cm x 35cm 48 pieces
Plus 2700ml 59cm x 35cm 48 pieces
Super 3200ml 69cm x 35cm 48 pieces
Maxi 3900ml 69cm x 35cm 48 pieces
Maxi+ 3900ml 74cm x 37cm 48 pieces




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