Days Over-bed Pole With Grab Handle


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  • Days Over-bed Pole With Grab Handle

    • Both Conventional and Hospital Beds

    • Free Standing Design

    • Fully Height Adjustable

    • Max Weight 135kg

    • 13kg Unit Weight

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide


  • PE Care Adjustable Backrest

    • 5 Back Adjustments

    • Strong Steel Frame

    • Tartan Design

    • Great for Chest Congestion

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Adjustable Back Rest was made with sitting up in mind. It adjusts to a number of angles to aid in position in bed for reading, eating, knitting or simply to have a sip of drink. Many customers find it useful for relieving congestion caused by laying on their back for too long especially if they have a chest infection or emphysema. Sitting upright helps reduce pneumonia as it decreases the fluid on the lung through gravity.

  • Rope Ladder Bed Hoist

    • Bedroom Aid

    • Suitable for Single & Double Beds

    • Pull Yourself Up in Bed

    • Strengthen Stomach & Arm Muscles

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    This Rope Ladder Bed Hoist will assist those who have troubles sitting up in bed. Pulling yourself up from a laying down position is much easier, and you will be strengthening your stomach and arm muscles at the same time. Being very light weight, you can keep it on top if your blanket while you are sleeping so that its there when you wake up.

  • Bed And Chair Furniture Raisers – 4 Blocks

    • Lift and Raise Your Furniture

    • Reduce Bending and Twisting

    • Lightweight, Strong and Durable Heavy Duty Plastic

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    Furniture Lifters / Raisers are designed to help you raise up your bed or your chair to make them easier to access.