PE Care D Shape Memory Foam Lumbar Roll


Mobility and Wellness stock a range of Medium – High Density Memory Foam Cushions. Memory Foam Cushions are great for those who sit for long lengths of time. Being Portable you can take them with you anywhere, whether in the office, wheelchair, scooter, car or travelling on a plane, these cushions will provide ultimate comfort and support.

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  • PE Care D Shape Memory Foam Lumbar Roll

    $49.99 $39.99
    • Moulded Memory Foam

    • Easily Transportable

    • Elastic Strap

    • Removable, Washable Cover

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care D Shape Lumbar Roll Support Cushion relieves pressure on your lower back. You can position the cushion on your chair, car seat and office chair at the lower lumbar point. This reduces the gap between your back and the chair to reduce slouching and strain on this area. Being made of memory foam it contours to your back but then regains its shape once not in use.

  • PE Care Vinyl High Density Memory Foam Cushion 41x41x7cm

    $68.00 $53.00
    • Pressure Reducing Memory Foam 

    • Removable Waterproof Vinyl Cover 

    • Will alleviate and reduce back pain 

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care High Density 41cm 41cm x 7cm Memory Foam Cushion works it’s magic by contouring to each individual to fit their unique requirements. This contouring along with the thick layer of cushioning assists in alleviating muscle tension, cramping, discomfort and pressure. This cushion has a specific design to be used mainly for Wheelchairs, having straps to attach around the chair to eliminate slipping or falling. It can also be used to eliminate seating discomfort in any case that requires you to sit for a long period of time.

  • PE Care Vinyl High Density Memory Foam Cushion 41x46x7cm

    $65.00 $55.00
    • Firm Pressure Reducing Memory Foam 

    • Removable / Washable Vinyl Cover 

    • Will Ease and alleviate Back Pain 

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    Being thicker and wider than the other designs in the high density cushion range, the 7cm x 41cm x 46cm Memory Foam Cushion offers an extremely high level of comfort. This high density cushion has been designed with a vinyl cover which is very durable, versatile and easy to remove and clean. Being manufactured from unique memory foam, this cushion will mould to you by distributing your weight evenly to fit your individual requirements. This provides users with superior assistance in alleviating pain as a result of long term sitting.

  • PE Care Velvet Memory Foam Cushion 41x41x5cm

    $54.00 $49.00
    • Resiliently Contoured Memory Foam 

    • Removable / Washable Velvet Cover 

    • Will Ease and Alleviate Back Pain 

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Velvet Memory Foam Cushion measures 41cm x 41cm x 5cm. It is a fantastic product for relieving discomfort and pressure. Whether you are a couch potato, a movie buff, a go-kart driver, an office worker, a courier, a student, or if you suffer from an ailment or injury or if you are bedridden or wheelchair bound, you will absolutely love the comfort and relief this cushion will provide you.

  • PE Care Vinyl High Density Memory Foam Cushion 46x41x5cm

    $69.00 $49.00
    • Waterproof Vinyl Cover 

    • Easy to Clean and Wipe 

    • Higher Density  

    • Fits Standard 18×16 Inch Wheelchair  

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care 46 x 41 x 5cm thick Cushion is a perfect fit for most standard 18 inch seat wheelchairs. As most of the shelf wheelchair’s seats are generally 46cm width and 41cm depth once tied in they fit the chair without overhang or squashing. The higher density of the memory foam means the cushion will not squash and will maintain more shape for a longer period.

  • PE Care Medium Density Memory Foam Wedge Cushion

    $59.00 $35.00
    • Eases Discomfort and Reduces Pain 

    • Transportable and Light Weight 

    • Removable / Washable Cover 

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Wedge Cushion was created to remove all pressure off the lower back. Simply position the rear cut-out to sit under the base of your spine. The cushion is a wedge shape designed for seats that have a slope including car seats, plane seats etc. This will correct your seated posture and also level your body up so that all your weight isn’t on your spine. 

  • PE Care Lumbar Roll Memory Foam Cushion – Velvet

    $42.00 $33.00
    • Removable Washable Cover 

    • High Density Memory Foam 

    • Elastic Strap 

    • Soft Velvet Cover 

    • Cushion Density – Medium to firm 

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Round Lumbar Roll gives support to your lower back when seated. The lumbar roll is made of dense memory foam encased in a velvet cover. The cover is removable and washable by undoing the zip and squashing the memory foam. This cushion is ideal for travel and easy to transport, ensuring the protection from aches and pains whilst seated.

  • PE Care Vinyl Medium Density Memory Foam Cushion 40x40x4cm

    $65.00 $56.00
    • Highly Resilient Contouring Foam

    • Removable / Washable Vinyl Cover

    • Can Ease Back Pain

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care 40cm x 40cm x 4cm Memory Foam Cushion in Vinyl will fast become one of your favourite items due to it’s many features and benefits to your health and comfort. Take one with you to work, the movies, the beach, keep one at home. These cushions are extremely popular for individuals with varying forms of back and leg pain as well as delivery and courier drivers.

  • PE Care Memory Foam Donut Cushion

    $63.00 $56.00
    • Reduces Pressure  

    • Hemorrhoid Relief 

    • Soft Removable / Washable Cover 

    • Unique Donut Shape 

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The PE Care Donut Cushion is designed for pressure relief of your rectum area. The Donut shape has been adapted to take away the point of contact the ease the pain after surgery, hemorrhoids after birth or coccyx pain. Also known as a ring cushion the middle of the cushion is missing.

  • PE Care Vinyl High Density Memory Foam Cushion 41 x 41 x 5cm

    $64.00 $54.00
    • Soft Pressure Reducing Memory Foam

    • Removable / Washable Vinyl Cover

    • Reduces Back Pain

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    You have heard us talk about our Memory Cushions and how they alleviate the pain and discomfort from sitting for long periods of time. Now introducing the High Density range! The PE Care High Density Memory Foam 5cm 41cmx41cm Vinyl cushion is made of the highest quality, most durable & strong materials making it sturdy, strong & oh so comfortable. Whatever your job, health condition or lifestyle this cushion can certainly be of assistance to you in your struggles to be pain free and comfortable in times when you have no other option than to not move a lot or stand up.

  • PE Care Memory Foam Gel Cool Orthopaedic Pillow

    $119.00 $59.00
    • Memory Foam With Bonded gel Layer

    • Dual Sided with Cool Comfortable Gel

    • Removable and Washable White Mesh Fabric Cover

  • PE Care High Back Backrest Cushion

    • Supportive Memory Foam 

    • Removable and Washable Cover

    • Velcro Panels on the Back

    • Ergonomic Design 

    • Free Delivery Australia Wide

    The High Back Backrest Cushion will provide added comfort and improve posture while you are sitting, especially for long lengths of time. It has a curve design to help groove to your back, and the memory foam allows the cushion to maintain its shape and support all areas of your back.