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PE Care Walking Stick Ferrules – Pair 19mm

  • 19mm Crutch Tips Brown
  • 19mm Crutch Tips Brown Bottom

PE Care Walking Stick Ferrules – Pair 19mm

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Walking stick ferrules are essential when using a walking stick or cane. They consist of a rubber material hardened to reduce impact and to keep grip for the user on the ground. The 19mm tip will fit onto most standard aluminium walking sticks as most cane poles are 20-22mm in diameter. We sell them in both brown and black to suit most walking stick generic colours.

The PE Care Walking Stick Ferrules are sold in a pair and are available in Black and Dark Brown. The ferrule has many names including tips, stops or stoppers, walking stick ferrules. They are required just like the handle of your walking stick is.

Walking Stick Ferrules provide support to you and your walking stick. They also provide stability and grip to the ground surfaces where needed.

The ferrules are made of strong and durable rubber. The metal ring inside the ferrule stop the pole from puncturing the tip. It is crucial to replace the tip regularly as rubber will harden, wear and split over time. It is always a good idea to have a spare tip on hand in case an emergency, as you can not use your walking stick without one.

The tips will also fit most styles of walking sticks. These include Swan Handle, Crook Handle (aluminium), T handle, folding and designer walking sticks. When it comes to walking sticks with a wooden pole, it pays to measure the diameter at the base as these can vary.


Hole Diameter - 19mm

Base Diameter - 39mm


Tip - Rubber


Six Month Warranty from Date of Purchase


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