GripSox Non Slip Anklet Socks – Red or Black

GripSox Non Slip Anklet Socks – Red or Black

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  • Designed in Australia

  • Made from 95% cotton : 5% elastane

  • Falls Prevention for Elderly or Disabled

  • Available in XS, S, M, L & XL

  • Available in Red and Black

  • Comfortable Fit Elastic Rim

  • Great for Dancing, Yoga and Pilates

  • Free Delivery Australia Wide


GripSox Non Slip Anklet Socks are anti slip socks made to feel beautifully soft, warm and comfortable to wear.

The anklet GripSox have a lower length than the Stretch Top GripSox that sit above the ankle bone. You can wear them on their own, and also in place of regular socks (inside shoes) as they are made from 95% cotton making them very breathable.

They are machine washable and designed to withstand high temperature laundering. In addition to this, they have been independently clinically trialed and are a proven ‘falls prevention’ product.

All GripSox socks are ideal for walking on tiles, floorboards, wet areas such as bathrooms and laundries, and outdoor areas. You can also use them for general comfort and warmth for your feet. Being non-slip, they are perfect to wear for activities such as Dancing, Yoga, Pilates or Indoor Sports. These activities are often played or performed on slippery floors/surfaces which can be quite difficult to stop yourself from slipping and sliding over.

GripSox socks are proving to be very popular for those individuals requiring additional comfort due to swollen feet and ankles.

GripSox Non-Slip Anklet Socks are currently already used in over 150 Hospitals and Care facilities. Staff and carers find these socks help prevent unnecessary injuries caused by their elderly, mobility impaired or disabled patients slipping and falling. They will provide an added sense of confidence, security and peace of mind; knowing that no matter what the surface of the floor is, these socks will keep you steady on your feet. Whether the floor is slippery or moist, or if your balance or movement is not the best or not quite what it was, you will feel more secure standing and walking.

This daily living aid is a must have!


Stretch Top GripSox / Non-Slip socks are available in the below sizes:

Extra Small (kids sizes)

Small (shoe size 2-8)

Medium (shoe size 6-11)

Large (shoe size 11-14)

Colour – Red or Black

Made from 95% cotton : 5% elastane

Lycra free

GripSox withstand high temperature laundering

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My new socks
Very good quality

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